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My son, as many other children both locally and world wide, has Autism. I would like to be able to bring him to see movies in the theatre, but as it is now, it would be far too overwhelming for him.

Movie theatres in other areas do Autism friendly viewings, which involve the movies not being as loud as normal, the lights remaining on, less people, etc.

I don't understand why the theater here does not offer this service seeing as the demand would most likely be great.

We live in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada and the Cineplex Cinemas in Saint John is our main target, but it'd be nice to see it expand even further.

We the undersigned hereby affirm that we would like to show our support for Empire Theatres to start the use of Autism friendly viewings for children's movies.

These movie sessions would include but not be limited to: less people, the movies being shown at a lower volume, and the lights remaining on.

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