Blizzard Entertainment

This petition is made to encourage Blizzard to create at least one Australian or Oceanic Server for World of Warcraft, to accomodate Australian and New Zealand players.

1) This would help to free up some space on the Blackrock and Proudemoore Servers that many Australians populate.

2)It would reduce lag that so many Austrlaian players suffer from beacause they are forced to play on an overseas server.

3)It would help the community to play together as our peak times are very different from those in America.

Blizzard should create an Australian/NewZealand Server, or at least an Oceanic Server, in the near future to accomodate the growing number, and the already established community of Australian/NewZealand WoW Players and that already created characters can be transfered to the new server(s) to make the community start quickly and without complaints.

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