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Gametraders is launching a nation-wide mass petition to bring in an R18+ rating for the gaming industry. The petition will be held in each of their 46 stores across Australia and online in the hope of bringing fairness to the classification of the entertainment industry.

"The advantages of an R18+ rating will mean adult Australian gamers can have access to content and games only available overseas. Adults should have the choice of what they can and can't see. During releases of such titles as Grand Theft Auto IV, a number of our potential customers imported the game because the Australian version was modified to comply with the MA15+ rating restrictions.

This of course affects our sales as our customers revert to importing to get the "original" version of the title," said Chad Polley, Gametraders’ National Marketing Manager.

We are incensed by the lack of movement by the Federal and State Governments on the issue of games ratings. Adult gamers are ever-increasing, as is the popularity of the gaming industry as an entertainment force. This is on a par with movies yet it is not given the same range in ratings classifications.

A report commissioned by the Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia found that no reason has been found for the disparity in classification of different products, such as with movies versus computer games.

That was over a year ago. Still there has been no change. We, the below-signed call upon the Attorney General to implement an R18+ rating on games so that classification of the entertainment industry is equal across the board.

These inconsistencies need to be ironed out so that adult gamers have the right to choose, plus their money benefits the Australian economy when they are not forced to purchase overseas.

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