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February 2004

The aim of this petition is to encourage the promotors of the 1st Australian Idol tour of winner Guy Sebastian, runner-up Shannon Noll and featuring the other 10 Idols Finalists (Cosima De Vito, Pauline Curuenavuli, Robert Mills, Levi Kereama, Rebekah LaVauney, Kelly Cavuoto, Lauren Buckley, Cle, Peter Ryan, Matt Chadwick), and other favourite Courtney Act, to include a Tasmanian concert date.

There are many Tassie fans who would love to see this concert, so if you're one of them and don't want to be left out please sign our petition.

We the undersigned petition that Australian Idol & Chugg Entertainment include Tasmania as a concert venue in this Australian Idol tour 2004.

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