Australian consumers are paying extra at the supermarkets to pay for unnecessary Halal Certification to Muslims. Approximately 98% of the food we purchase is Halal Certified. The companies pay Muslims large sums of money for this certification. It must be noted that the Koran DOES NOT state that these foods need certification. It is purely a money making scheme by Muslims which we Australians end up paying extra for.

NOTE ... these foods include Easter Eggs, Hot Cross Buns, Bread, Milk (except A2) and there are thousands more items added to this list. The products are not usually marked and if they are it is very difficult to find on the packaging. Let's start with one company, Cadburys Dairy Chocolate, and ban buying their chocolate until they stop this certification.

We, the undersigned, call upon Cadburys Chocolates to stop paying Muslims money to have their products Halal Certified. The Koran does not state that any food other than meat be Halal Certified.

We the consumers do not wish to purchase these products and do not wish to pay extra at the cash registers for this unnecessary certification.

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