The last time we saw The Cure in Australia was in 2000. Looks like they're touring again and we're not on the list yet. Let's see if we can change that. You can help by filling the petition below.

If we are sucessful The Cure will need to plan which cities they will visit so I have made the "City/Suburb" field compulsory.

Please type in the "City/Suburb" field the Australian major City nearest you that you would like to see them play ie; Sydney......Please don't put in the actual Suburb where you live if it is different.....eg; I'm sure The Cure will not understand that Budgewoi is only 1 hour from Sydney If that's where you're from :-)

Thanks for the help, let's hope we do well.....Don't forget to email the link to all your friends :-)

We the undersigned would like to request a tour from The Cure to Australia in 2004/2005...Pretty Please !!!

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