#Law abiding firearm owners
Queensland Labour Party

QLD government is preparing to spend 6 million tax paid dollars to put new regulations in place to restrict LAW abiding(legally licensed firearm owners) owning "too much" ammunition , these proposed laws will restrict a license holders ability to purchase more than a set ration of ammunition which is preposterous , they claim we have "too much ammo" but what they lack is common sense people buy the amount of ammo they require to compete in sport and shoot recreationally this amount will be limited for no real or genuine reason

Shooters , fishers, farmers, grey nomads and 4x4 owners please sign this petition to show that you are tired of the government trying to chip away your freedoms and your way of life they have proposed new laws to take 4x4 owners off the road , they have proposed laws stating you will need to buy a $250,000 car to tow a camping trailer over 3 tonne and they are now trying to apply laws that take away the LAW ABIDING shooters " privelages" we need to unite to keep our way of life it's what the Anzacs fought and died for I'm sick of being targeted as a criminal because of a sport I like to engage in on the weekend , these new laws are preposterous and unnecessary ad just outright unfair we need to unite and force our freedom back or suffer

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