Getting school from middle to high to go online
United States of America

This is the day of tomorrow! Read the petition!

ATTENTION!!! All Middle Schoolers to High Schoolers!!!

As you may know, the country is in a major financial crisis and everything is getting cut. School is probably the only thing left to cut. All of the schoolers probably want to cut school, riiiight?


They won't let us cut our education (alot of us don't want to do stoop down to that anyway) but what if they could make a school ONLINE!?

Wouldn't that be totally awesome?

Wouldn't that be just total heaven?

Think about it, tons of kids sit in a classroom every single day, day after day and they can't get all of that info shoved into their minds in one day!

Approximately 31 children sit in a classroom every day. Can you imagine? All of the children in that classroom learning one thing at the same exact speed?

It just isn't possible!!!

So, possibly 20 children out of 31 actually learn.

And 10 out of 20 children learn well!

God knows that I am bad at math!

Children-or as you'll prefer, teenagers:

What if you could stay home and sleep as late as you want, finishing homework ON THE INTERNET and going back to sleep againt?

No teachers yelling at you

No parents yelling at you

It'd be like heaven on earth!!!

Look at me, I've been through 8 years of school and I've already written five novels, working on a sixth, and having pure ideas of the 7th, 8th, and 9th!

Writing and music is all I want to do!

What do you want to do?

No matter what it is, you could get it done on THE INTERNET!

If you want to be a musician like me, you could practice more at home!

Politics and more:

Saving money!!!




I live in California...Our state is B-R-O-K-E

Not to mention the whole country going down



I think that we can fix this by our schools being online

Listen to this:

Drivers-Ed is online

College is online

This is the day of tomorrow!

Things should be digital.

What am I saying?

Things ARE digital!!!

This is just the first step, people!

If you like this, spread the word!!!

Think of the pros!

Spread the word and lets see if we can get this to work!

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