San Francisco State University
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Dear Parents and Friends,

Many of you may be aware that students frequently smoke on or near the Associated Student, Inc. Early Childhood Education Center's grounds. This has been an ongoing concern among parents and staff at the center because of second-hand smoke being in close proximity to the infant room and outdoor play areas.

Campus police have recently stepped up their efforts to help enforce designated smoking area requirements; however, this has thus far been an ineffective solution.

By signing this petition, we will be taking a proper first step in encouraging the University to relocate the existing smoking area near the intersection of State Dr. and Lake Merced Blvd. to a more ideal location. Your support on this important matter is greatly appreciated.

-David Perrin

We, the undersigned, call on San Francisco State University to take necessary action to relocate the designated smoking area to an alternate location in order to protect the safety and general health of the children at the Associated Student, Inc. Early Childhood Education Center.

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