#Animal Welfare
United States of America

Toward the end of every year, charitable organizations run ads or campaigns to boost their funds for the next year.

The ASPCA is no different, but their methods are different from most animal rescue groups. They spend MILLIONS of DOLLARS every year with the saddest ads that show animals in the direst of straits. Here is the latest Annual Report. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzsNX0RF5oQbd3dWTldsVFkzSnM/view?usp=sharing

We can't tolerate it anymore! It's exploitative and reprehensible.

We, the undersigned understand your mission to help as many animals as possible. Many of us are animal rescuers and/or animal-lovers in general. We are empathic individuals.

Rather than share horrific stories and video of animals in pain in your advertising. Why not focus on the Happy Beginnings the animals get from the support of your donors?

We mute your ads or change the channel all together. This defeats the purpose of your ad campaign which costs millions of dollars per year.

You're ads are missing the point. Please FOCUS on the POSITIVE, Our souls can't take any more of your painful ads.

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