EBU (European Broadcasting Union), NRK

Since 2007 the Eurovision Song Contest has been recorded and broadcast in high definition (the 2006 contest might also have been recorded in high definition but only broadcast in SD).

The contests recorded in HD have so far been in the 1080i/25 format. While this is a high quality format, it is not as good a format as the 1080p50 format that the EBU recommend for production and broadcasting.

Recording this event in the high quality 1080p50 format would overcome the limitations of the 1080i/25 format (resolution, interlace artefacts, etc.), while future-proofing the production and will look the best on today's full HDTVs, and as the EBU have said, broadcasts in the 1080p50 format would not require higher bitrates than those in the 1080i/25 format.

Recording this major event (the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest) in 1080p50 would not only mean the event was recorded in one of the highest quality TV formats currently available, and making the production more future-proof, it should also help to encourage other broadcasters (EBU members) to start producing/broadcasting in this high quality, EBU-recommended format.

The following EBU document discusses the 1080p50 format and details it's advantages (including higher quality) over other TV formats used for European productions:

In the following article entitled "Act Now for 1080p50", the project manager of the EBU also states the advantages of the format:

We, the undersigned, ask the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) and NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation - the host broadcaster of 2010 ESC) to record the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in the 1080p50 format.

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