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Channel 4 Television Corporation, Carnival Films and Columbia Tristar International

April 7, 2006

For many As If fans, the show reached its ending in yeah 2004. Viewers watching in Latin America and on Sattelite in the UK have seen the last of the gang.

The show has now finished on most channels around the world, but you still may be able to find repeats if you look hard in the schedules.

As If was a ground-breaking British drama, following the exciting lives of six young adults living in London. The popular show has now finished filming after 76 action packed episodes.

Each episode was considered ground breaking and extremely unique. The show created a cult following around the world. The drama's success is partly because of the fantastic soundtrack and modern style of filming; flashbacks, dodgy camerawork and sureal sequences are extremely frequent in all of the individual 30-minute long episodes.

Jamie, Sooz , Nicki, Alex, Sasha and Rob are the six teenagers featured in this hit teen drama. Each episode of As If shows the story from of characters point of view, allowing the viewers to learn their thoughts and personal feelings on the drama unfolding around them.

As If has gained cult following all over the world, and is one of the most popular and highly rated teen drama's ever.

In regard to the television program "As If", we the undersigned, are requesting that this series be brought to the ever growing and popular DVD format. A season by season boxed set of the complete series as many other companies have done for other cancelled shows in the past couple of years ("Felicity," "Once and Again," "Popular," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Wonderfalls") would be wonderful. "As If" has acquired a sizeable cult following around the world that would unquestionably purchase the DVD boxed set, if available.

Assuredly, both Distribution companies and the fans of the series would benefit from this undertaking. Thank you for taking the time to view our points and considering this development.

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