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In Malta there are not a lot of motorcycles and Maltese people think that it is highly risky to ride a motorcycle. Insurance companies offer No Claims discount schemes in a Car Insurance reducing the annual premium from 10 to 70% and more depending the number of the years a driver has no claims starting from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 5. This logic wants to reward good drivers.

The same should be applied to good drivers riding motorcycles often every day to go at work or to enjoy the Maltese island during the weekends or because is their passion.

Who rides a motorcycle often, a Father that has a family at home waiting for him, we don't want to die in an road accident. Riding motorcycles we can reduce the traffic, the stress and emissions of CO2. Think about the policemen that use motorcycles for their job.

We, the undersigned, call on the Maltese Government, the Ministry of Transport in Malta and all the Insurance Companies in Malta to apply No Claims Discounts to Motorcycle Insurance policies to reward good drivers and to incentivise people to use motorcycles to reduce traffic, stress and emissions of CO2.

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