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Earlier this week, a receipt posted to Reddit went viral. The receipt showed a zero tip, along with an explanation from the customer, who identified herself as a pastor: "I give God 10%, why do you get 18."

The waitress who posted it, Chelsea, has since been fired from her employer, Applebee's, after the pastor complained.

We want Applebee's to do the right thing here and rehire Chelsea. This was clearly a good-natured joke at the expense of someone who showed incredibly poor regard for her fellow man/woman, especially for a pastor.

Moreover, we believe Applebee's wants to do the right thing. We don't fault them for erring on the side of an angry customer, but a closer look at the matter reveals that this particular angry customer was in the wrong. Applebee's should correct the error and show that it stands up for its employees who are doing their jobs.

So, if Applebee's rehires Chelsea, we at HuffPost Comedy, and the below signed, promise to eat at our local Applebee's restaurant at least once in 2013. Maybe we'll even order a Mucho Margarita™. We hear they're great.

I promise to eat at my local Applebee's at least once in 2013 if they rehire Chelsea.

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