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Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Australians

Mukesh Malhotra, his wife Falguni (Fal) Malhotra and son Jish Malhotra have been in Australia for the past 8 years.

It is sad to note that their application for Permanent Resident Visa has been rejected by Department of Immigration and Migration Review Tribunal, because their son Jish has Autism. With due respect to the constraints these departments operate under, they do not have any powers to consider the other contributions Mukesh, his wife Fal have made and will continue to make to Australia; plus the strengths that Jish has because of Autism or otherwise.

Mukesh is a post graduate from University of New South Wales and is a Project Manager in construction industry.

His wife Fal is a graduate in commerce with experience as executive assistant and high school teacher. However, Fal has decided (and it gives her great pleasure and satisfaction) to use her hands-on experinece with Jish, to help other children with Autism. Having helped the children with Autism voluntarily for couple of years, Fal is currently working as a teacher's aide at ASPECT's Terrigal School for Children with Autism and helping many more children.

Jish is 12 years old and has started high school at Narara Valley High School this year as a full fee paying student in one of their special needs class. Jish is independent in his daily activities and good at computers and singing. Jish also won a High Commendation prize in one of the categories at Central Coast Eisteddfod singing competion in August 2007. You can view Jish's singing performance by copying and pasting the following links in your browser.




A final appeal is being made to the Minister for Immigration who has the power to waive the health criteria and grant Permanent Resident status to the Malhotra family.

You are all requested to provide your valuable support for the above.


The Hon. Senator Chris Evans
Minister for Immigration and Citizenship
Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600

DIAC File No.: CLF2007/85395
DIAC Request ID: 1850514014
MRT File No.: 071503735

We, the undersigned, express our dismay on the rejection of permanent resident visa application of Malhotra family by Department of Immigration and Migration Review Tribunal.

We as Australians pride our status as a civil society, but it seems this is being diminished by our unwillingness to accept children with disabilities as residents.

The blanket approach in deciding such cases does not take into account the contribution the whole family makes to the community.

We are humane and cannot take away the opportunity from Jish to grow into an independent adult with self-esteem.

We call on you, Hon. Senator Chris Evans, to intervene and grant Jish Malhotra the waiver from health criteria and permanent resident status to Malhotra family.


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