#Human Rights
Channel 4 and OFCOM

We have all been appalled by the racist behaviour on Big Brother on CH4 yet nothing has been done to address the issue. Channel 4 and OFCOM have tried to wash their hands off the problem and hope the furore will die and disappear in time.

Issues of discrimination are not somehting to trivialise or be used to increase viewer numbers. Channel 4 should be thoroughly ashamed of their role in the whole saga and need to be held accountable.

Human Rights Law Firm Equal Justice Solicitors has started proceedings against CH4 and we should all support them. Sign this petiotion to show your support.

We, the undersigned, are disgusted at the discriminatory behaviour on Big Brother and the fact CH4 have not done their duty to stop the racist behaviour being broadcast.

CH4 have chosen not to address the issues of Racism and Discrimination highlighted in Big Brother.

I support the efforts of Equal Justice Solicitors to hold CH4 and OFCOM accountable for their disgraceful and unacceptable actions.

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