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United Kingdom

Feb 10, 2006

The government's plans for free travel for over-60s from 9:30 Mon-Fri and all day weekends have created a £7.8M budget gap in Tyne and Wear. This has meant Nexus, the regions bus operator, has had to introduce a range of measures to aid this shortfall.

'£1.8m to be saved through the total withdrawal of the Teen TravelTicket. This will have an impact on about 10,000 pass holders in further education aged 16-18 who currently make an estimated five million journeys a year. As an example a student purchasing a four-weekly all zone ticket at £31.50 would have to pay £61.50. '

'...while there is a £7.3m shortfall for this area, West Sussex will receive £2m more than it needs to provide free bus travel for pensioners and Cambridgeshire £1.5m.'

Source http://www.nexus.org.uk/

We demand that Nexus review its reforms and produce a better solution to its economic difficulties rather than reducing services and massive price hikes which include increasing the price of teen-travel cards for students by more than 100% in Tyne and Wear.

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