#Animal Rights
Board of County Commissioners Collier County
United States of America

FACT: Tethered dogs are ALWAYS more aggressive
FACT: Tethered dogs creates UNSAFE neighborhoods
FACT: Tethered dogs are more territorial
FACT: 30% of all dog bites & deaths from dog bites are from Chained / Tethered dogs

Dogs need to belong to a social group. Being chained up is the equivalent to life sentence of solitary confinement for an innocent being.

The community of Collier County is respectfully asking the Board of County Commissioners to put into effect an ANTI-CHAINING ORDINANCE.

We wish the ordinance be passed to help ensure safer neighborhoods and to help stop the abusive / cruel existence of the chained animal(s) lives.

Similar ordinances all across the State of Florida and our great Nation have drastically reduced dog related bites, deaths, and animal abuse.

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