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Anthony Tyler Quinn
United States of America

Anthony Tyler Quinn is an under-rated actor who we think could greatly help us out by checking out a few sites and possibly signing up with them.

The goal of the petition is to get his attention.

Reasons Why Anthony Tyler Quinn Should Check Out the Below Links:

* They’re all drama and spam free
* They’re active
* They’re fun for everyone
* He would be made into a Moderator or Administrator if he wanted
* If there’s anything he doesn’t like, all he has to do is say what and changes will be made. He is welcome to email or snail mail us.
* We feel he will be impressed at all the hard work we’ve put into everything
* Upon joining, his membership would remain a secret (if he wished). He would be free to post what/where/when he wanted; if he wanted.

Above all, it is our hope that Anthony Tyler Quinn will check out the below links and let us know his thoughts on everything. The first two links are message boards and the third link is a Yahoo group. We also hope that with Anthony’s okay, we can make everything official.


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