Dallas Cowboys and Houston texans owners and management
United States of America

Whereas the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans are two NFL teams located in the same state who would be worthy opponents with a huge fan following, including families and friends who could be brought together (as well as torn apart) by an annual Thanksgiving Day battle between the two teams, we would like such an event to become a fixed part of the schedule each season for the teams.

This event stands to be a great monetary contributor to the economy of the state of Texas, as well as the two teams, by providing substantial ticket and other game related sales to both franchises, owners, and retailers in the state. Overriding all the aforementioned benefits however, would be the value of the entertainment contribution.

These two formidable opponents with the support of their dedicated fans, would provide a holiday of immeasurable fun for all!

We, the undersigned, request that the owners of the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans schedule the teams to play each other on Thanksgiving Day of each season.

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