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Anime weebs is that normal people hate, so I want to destroy them fully. People are starting to die because they become weebs. They are being beaten(moral and physical) around internet and on the streets. They create groups where they watch anime on the 100% volume, subwoofers and japanese subtitles. Japan should stop making anime because of the problems I described above this text. Anime is something that normal people hate that much, that people is ready to kill every weeb on the face of the Earth so other people will be save. I think anime is a big problem to the Earth. We should stop. Any people who is a weeb should stop doing that. STOP ANIME!

Anime should be not allowed in any countries due to anime weebs autism and they are starting to become degenerates. We should stop this and save people.

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The Anime should be not permitted in any of countries. petition to Anime was written by Andrew Catsss and is in the category Media Issues at GoPetition.

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