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Cosmetics Companies

Many people are morally opposed to experiments on animals, even if they are of supposed medical benefit. Such people are often portrayed as wishing to sacrifice medical progress to avoid animal suffering.

The government and the media dismiss their concerns by labelling them 'anti-science': a convenient, but totally false, stereotype. But what if there were no medical benefits from experiments on animals? What if they were actually an obstacle to medical progress: misleading scientists, harming patients by their unreliability and wasting precious funds that would be better spent on patient-oriented research?

If that were really the case, then stopping animal experimentation would be in everyone's best interests: truly a win-win situation!

Every year, millions of animals are killed for our benefits -- but the main thing that disgusts me is how many animals really are affected by it.

Nearly 90% of animals that are tested on die due to the chemicals in the cosmetics -- anyone else find this alarming and disgusting?

We, the residents of Australia, ask of you to ban animal testing -- or eliminate the numbers greatly.

We ask, with all the power you have, why not put it to good use? We would feel like we have made a great impact on the world by putting this to you, and knowing that our actions may have actually helped save alot of animals -- how can you see photos of suffering animals and not feel hurt and disgusted. Could you imagine having your animal in that position?

Please help us make an impact on the world, and on future animals live, you may have sacrificed many helpless lives, but its time to put a stop to this for the animals with a future.

The Undersigned

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