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St, Margaret's Well is a historic site associated with miracles, good health and wellbeing. It is being sadly neglected and ignored, treated like a dump.

The Victorians used the waters from St. Margaret's Well in their spa Hotel at Craiglochart, which later became a hospital for WW1 veterans, officers suffering from shell- shock were treated and cured with the help of the fresh spring water from this well, which is located at the foot of Edinburgh's Castle rock.

Its curative waters are in danger right now from pollution by the tram-workers who have set up camp there, in total ignorance of what lies below them. Also Railtrack are working on a sewage pipe right next to the well. That's what they, claim, anyway. This well needs a custodian.

It should be afforded the respect it deserves. Please sign, you'll be in illustrious company. Our ancient Queen, the Saint, will bless all who support this mission.

This is what the site looks like now:

How much better if it could be maintained as well as St Bernard's in Stockbridge!

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Angus 'the' Calder's Last Request: That St. Margaret's Well be restored and returned to the People of Edinburgh for their Free Use! This Well, at the foot of Edinburgh's Historic Castle rock, has, for at least a thousand years, provided fresh, pure drinking water for all who thirst.

It has been associated with miracles and social justice. Presently it is being abused and neglected. It is shameful to allow such a beautiful and historic site to be rubbished by workies.

Help me to liberate the well, restore its purpose and put it back on the map.

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