Anaheim City Council
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The Anaheim Bus Project is a project trying to get the city of Anaheim to invest in a preventative care bus, specifically for the homeless, and those dealing with opioid abuse. A bus of this nature would not only help save lives, but also help save money, and a lot of it. Right now hospitals in the city of Anaheim are spending roughly $11 million a year on emergency care for opioid related issues. With this bus we could cut that cost in nearly half, and help repurpose that money to other needs for our community.

By signing this petition you are helping us show the city of Anaheim that people care about the opioid crisis and what to help make an impact on this. The more people that sign this, the better of a chance we have to get our proposal taken into consideration by Anaheim's City Council. Let's make this happen and help reverse the opioid epidemic in Orange County and save the city more money, so they can repurpose it to make our community better!

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