#Display fireworks for PEI Capital
PEI Special events heads / City of Charlottetown heads

In the last 10 years the city of Charlottetown has hired an out of province firework company to do the capital region shows for Canada day and its winter festival. That company has taken work from an island based and owned company who employs islanders trained and certified by ERD canada to do display fireworks.

Do you think PEI should have an island based company doing its fireworks at least once so that it can keep money in PEI and buy local rather then an out of province the company?

PEI Pyro FX has a top notch record in both safety and service, but yet has never been given opportunity to do a pro show in the capital region.

Do you agree that a unique and island owned fireworks company and service should be doing the capital's show for Canada day?

The company has a spotless record and can save the province Big money. By hiring PEI Pyro FX local business flourishes.

"Where we can at least get a chance to shine."

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