The Australian Constitution was framed on the basis that: -
"....the various States of Australia agreed to unite in ONE INDISSOLUBLE FEDERAL COMMONWEALTH under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland...."
and this key phrase within the Preamble is a 'foundation statement' and is both: -
(1) the reason for; and
(2) the basis of;
the constitution; and, as such, it can't be deleted; and the word INDISSOLUBLE was selectively and deliberately included in that phrase to prevent the constitution from ever being dismantled.

The push to make Australia a republic could only be achieved if the current constitution could be legally dismantled; however, this is not possible.

Therefore, as the Australian Constitution can't be legally dismantled, the push to make Australia a republic represents:-
(3) a breach of the provisions of the current Australian Constitution; and
(4) an act of treason;
and the push to make Australia a republic should be abandoned.

Accordingly, we the undersigned, state that as an Australian republic can't be legally achieved, the related proposal should be abandoned.

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