Government of Canada

The Charter and Government are a ancient system that when they were created benefited the people then, but our modern society is no longer benefiting from the Governing body and the Charter is too often imbalanced trying to consider each right.

Rights are denied or other Rights supersede the ones that protects a person from either cruel and unusual punishment or the right to live, and the right to be free from persecution. Violations that are too numerous to name happen frequently.

We the people should be able to declare our government unfit and incapable of efficiently running the nation, that it is not doing it's job and that it needs reform.

We, the people ask our government for a reform or at least a consideration of our pleas by amending the Charter of Human Rights to properly fit with today's society, and if that isn't possible for a full government reform. Including the senate, the legislature, parliament, and the judicial and federal branches.

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The Amendment to the Charter of Human Rights and the Governing system petition to Government of Canada was written by Terrance Fontaine and is in the category Government at GoPetition.