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Australian Capital Territory

The ACT Government has legislated for a Solar Feed-In Tariff (FIT), which has offered ACT residents and property owners 50.05c per kW/hr for the electricity they produce. This FIT is accessed through a contract with our local Electricity Utility, ACTEW.

Earlier this year, the ACT Government announced that, effective July 1st., the FIT rate would reduce to 45.7c. kW/hr.

During 2010, there has been a worldwide shortage of inverters, a component of grid-connect solar PV systems. The shortage has been most pronounced in some sizes of inverters, and worst amongst the top-quality brands. These shortages are expected to continue until 2011. Recently, there have also been stock shortages of some of the more popular solar panels.

Combined, these two factors have meant that many Canberrans have had their solar installations delayed, through no fault of their own, nor of the retailer they are purchasing through.

On Wednesday June 9th, 2010, ACTEW advised that they would not accept any further applications for commissioning systems before the June 30th. cut-off date.

This will disadvantage many customers who have committed to purchase PV systems, but have been unable to have them installed, and the commissioning booked, before the announcement of June 9th.

Our petition calls on the ACT Government, in the interest of fairness, to use the DATE OF PURCHASE of the PV system, not the DATE OF COMMISSIONING, as the qualification date for accessing the current FIT.

We, the undersigned, respectfully call on the ACT Government to allow the purchase date of a solar PV system, not the commissioning date, to be used to qualify purchasers to access the current Feed In Tariff rate of 50.05c. per kW/hr.

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