#Animal Rights

Warning: Contains potentially-upsetting content relating to "cruelty" to lobsters.
I have found out that Amazon.co.uk sell live lobsters on this website and feel that this should be stopped. Lobsters are creatures, too, and they could well be feeling pain. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/do-lobsters-and-other-invertebrates-feel-pain-new-research-has-some-answers/2014/03/07/f026ea9e-9e59-11e3-b8d8-94577ff66b28_story.html?utm_term=.035b1b26abbd Although there is now a more "humane" way to kill them, some lobsters could still be boiled alive.
Selling live animals for the purpose of eating them unnecessarily is wrong, in my mind. I would like to politely urge Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com (and any other Amazon websites) to stop selling live lobsters.

We, the Undersigned, politely call upon Amazon to stop selling live lobsters on all of their websites. I would also like to politely ask that Amazon politely urge anyone with live lobsters that they would otherwise sell on Amazon to release them into the wild or, if the lobsters would not survive in the wild, take them to others who know how to care for lobsters properly and will treat them with kindness. Thank you.

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