Please Amazon, do not allow addons into New World.

your game is heavily focused on immseriveness, allowing addons would give an unfair advantage over other players without addons and this will heavily impact the immersiveness of your game New World.

The moment you allow addons into the game will be the moment addons become a neccesity to play competitive, we do not want to install addon to be able to compete !

there are plenty of games where addons took over the entire game like world of warcraft (look at the state of the game right now, the screen is 80% clutter, and you NEED addons to play that game in a casual and competitive game)

the community is hungry for a slow paced mmo like New World, do not let a very small part of the community bend you like a wet noodle forcing you to change your game Amazon.

we need tweaks and optimization, we do NOT need heavy changes into the UI or immersiveness of the gameworld.


We, the New World community ask's Amazon to refrain from allowing addons into the New World, Slow Paced Immersive MMO.

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