Ministry of Justice / Court of Appeal / Criminal Appeal Court / House of Lords
United Kingdom

The aim is to show support for a group of friends that have been incarcerated for graffiti and to express discontent with the policy of imprisoning people who paint graffiti.

In a society where 'street/urban art' is exhibited on the walls of the Tate Modern in London and sold in auction houses around the world the messages are mixed.

Alternative sentencing for the "crime" of graffiti would be far more constructive. Those who are caught, prosecuted and sentenced could give far more back to society through community service, fines and various other means.

Alternative sentencing could also save the tax paying public the large amount of money that is spent on keeping convicts in prison.

When the only real issue with graffiti artists is the amount of money it costs to clean up their work. Why is the government so happy to spend even more on keeping these artists locked up?

We, the undersigned, wish to express our discontent with the incarceration of graffiti artists.

We believe that there is a clear distinction between vandalism and graffiti art.

We believe alternative sentencing would provide a far more constructive method of punishment, particularly in the case of Ziggy Grudzinskas, Andrew Gillman, Slav Zinoviev, Matthew Pease and Paul Stewart.

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