City of Jacksonville, Florida
United States of America

Ed Austin Regional Park offers affordable recreational soccer for children. The fields are experiencing abuse, animal waste, vandalism and motor vehicles drive across them at will.

The soccer club has generously offered a gift to the City to pay for all the expenses to add fencing around the playing fields.

We need your signature to persuade the City of Jacksonville to allow the club to erect the fencing. Again, at no cost or labor to the city.

Please sign our petition for this cause. We feel there are many reasons for this request. The obvious benefits of the Fence are -

Fields are not abused > Promotes safety for children;

Stops irresponsible dog owners letting dogs foul in areas children will play;

Stop unsupervised dogs from harassing players and destroying equipment;

Stops youths on motor bikes / motor vehicles riding across pitches where children play;

Petition Request:

Please offer your support in the matter of erecting fencing at Ed Austin Regional Sports Complex at the cost of the Soccer CLub, not the taxpayer!

This is very important, we need the facility to be fenced in order to ensure the health and safety of junior members of the club, enhance the impressions of the local area and to enable us to develop the site to its full potential.

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