John Prideaux, Chairman, Festiniog Railway Company

The Welsh Highland Railway Ltd is disappointed to learn that trains from its Porthmadog (WHR) terminus will be unable to operate beyond Pen-y-Mount during the 2009 operating season.

Our company has submitted a business proposal to the Festiniog Railway Company for a shuttle service to Pont Croesor and regular, occasional trains further along the completed line.

We believe that an opportunity has been lost to create a truly world-class railway experience in Gwynedd by bringing together the existing WHR(P), FR and completed railway through Beddgelert.

We believe an opportunity has been lost to bring extra benefits to the community of Porthmadog and to generate extra revenue for FRC.

WHR Ltd has asked FRC for agreement in principle to a Pont Croesor shuttle from 2009 onwards. Please support us in calling on FRC to honour this request.

WHR Ltd will continue with plans to open an expanded museum, telling the story of Porthmadog and its narrow gauge railways. We are restoring the original Welsh Highland locomotive Russell and heritage train ready for spring 2009 as intended. Both these will be launched at a special WHR gala in May next year.

We, the undersigned, call on John Prideaux and the Festiniog Railway Company to allow the Welsh Highland Railway Limited to operate regular trains from Porthmadog (WHR) station to Pont Croesor from 2009.

We call on the Festiniog Railway Company to honour the spirit of the 1998 Agreement, which gives WHR Ltd trains guaranteed access to the whole Welsh Highland Railway from Porthmadog to Caernarfon.

We call on the Festiniog Railway Company to show due appreciation for the contribution made by WHR Ltd as a partner in rebuilding the Welsh Highland Railway, and in spending over £150,000 on building a section of the completed line.


Yr ydym ni, y tanysgrifenedig, yn galw ar John Prideaux a'r Cwmni Rheilffordd Ffestiniog i ganiatau i'r Rheilffordd Ucheldir Cymru Cyf redeg gwasanaeth trenau yn rheolaidd o orsaf Porthmadog (Rh U C) i Pont Croesor o 2009.

Galwn ar y Cwmni Rheilffordd Ffestiniog i barchu ysbryd Cytundeb 1988 sydd yn gwarantu mynediad trenau RhUC Cyf i'r holl reilffordd (WHR) o Borthmadog i Gaernarfon.

Galwn ar i Gwmni Rheilffordd Ffestiniog ddangos cydnabyddiaeth haeddianol o'r cyfraniad wnaed gan RhUC Cyf, fel partner yn ail-adeiladu'r Rheilffordd Ucheldir Cymru ac mewn gwario dros £150,000 ar adeiladu rhan o'r lein orffenedig.

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