#Neighborhood Living
Westshore Subdivision
United States of America

According to Westshore Subdivisions original bylaws, it was stated that Above Ground Pools were not allowed. Above Ground Pools are permanant and year round pools. Up until this summer, many families in the subdivisions have had Temporary Inflatable Pools.

It was only until the past year that there have been a few complaints, thus changing the bylaws without a consensus or formal vote. As homeowners, we want to be able to enjoy summer family activities in our yards.

We are asking the families of Westshore Subdivision to sign a petition to allow Temporary Inflatable Pools from June 15th through Septemeber 15th to allow for physical activity during hot weather, recreation for the family and to add appeal to familes searching for a subdivision to build or live in.

Unfortunately there is no community/subdivision pool or park and the Oconomowoc Beach charges the Town of Oconomowoc residents. Please take the time to sign the petition and voice your opinion.

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