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Hello, my name is Janessa I know many people have attempted but have not succeeded in bringing pitbulls back to Miami - Dade county, but I want to give it one more chance and even though I am still young.

I have a big part in my heart for animals and pitbulls are known as viscous animals and should be shot or killed but really pit bulls have big hearts they are so sweet you just need to meet one so you can see over what people call viscous, 1.2 million dogs are euthanized each year and 40% of them are pitbulls thats at least half a million pitbulls and the rest are being kept by they're loving owners despite the risk because these dogs aren't always killer dogs.

The dogs that have attacked the people were trained to fight dogs and have no idea what to do when they are loose in the streets they're use to being locked up, and they see people and react like they're gonna go back into a fighting rink and probably die in there and if they don't die in the rink they get shot by there owners, but how about the puppy's they can be trained to be a loving companion but people treat them even worst saying they will eventually kill the future people of this county but no we are killing innocent family dogs that are loved by children, elders, and adults.

We should adore them the same as any dogs trust what i am saying please help me bring them back to Miami - dade county, thank you.

We the people of Miami-Dade county are fighting hard to bring back Pitbulls.

These adorable family dogs are being euthanized every day. At least 100 dogs are euthanized for what? 80 percent of these dogs are only being euthanized for being pitbulls not for being vicious.

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