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In order to stop the spread of a new covid variant in the US, we request to STOP all unnecessary flights and travel from India for at least a month or two. When other countries can do it why can't we do the same. Learn from our old mistake from March. Only travel based on medical emergency from either side should be allowed.

This is not to impact any important travel/ relations between the two countries. This request is presented keeping in mind the best for the health and wellness of the people from both countries.
What we are dealing with for almost more than a year had gotten even worse. We need to fight this enemy globally, supporting each other in need while also taking global precautions against the spread of this deadly virus to whom we are still loosing thousands on daily basis.

We request you to sign this petition so that together we can help stop the spread of deadly virus between the two countries. Collectively we are stronger and we must think collectively for the Global GOOD. You support shall help take our message to the top government officials of the two countries which in turn can help restrict the travel between India and USA. Important travel MUST be allowed. But we request that all checks and balances MUST be taken into consideration and free/ open travel should be brought under check! We are asking this for healthy and safety of community at large, may it be Indian/ American or Global. We are dealing with a Global battle against the virus and hence our cure shall come from standing together to tackle this global pandemic in a responsible fashion.

Thanks so much for your support!

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