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I do not understand why Facebook user get penalize for listening to music legally obtained through streaming services (YouTube, SoundCloud, tidal, Apple Music, etc.). The music was made for the consumers enjoyment but Facebook constantly locks us out our social media accounts for enjoying the music we love to listen to daily.
Under the fair use doctrine we should be allow to listen to the music as long as we don’t use it for commercial purposes or try to make any type of profit and for the most part the videos are a purely personal insight on our day to day life
If you would like to try to help change this travesty that Facebook imposes on us all get on board

We, the undersigned, call onto Facebook review and modify their copyrights policy to allow account holders to listen to legally obtained music in the background of videos as long as the video is purely personal and doesn’t have any commercial or for-profit uses or properties and will be covered by The Fair Use Doctrine

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