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NSW Government

The Bus ONLY lanes on the M2 Motorway in Sydney are restricted from usage by motorcycles. These lanes are horribly under utilised. Taxis are given exepmtion along with Hire cars and Police motorcycles are seen to regularly use them in peak hours.

I have sat in heavy traffic on this motorway only to be passed by 9 buses 3 Hire cars and 1 Taxi in a whole hour.

According to an NRMA Publication"The most common type of crash is the motorcycle being hit from the rear by another vehicle" This statement in itself is a compelling reason to allow motorcylse to use the more often than not vacant Bus Only lane on the M2 motorway. If it were to save just one injury or one life it would be worthwhile.

A secondary benefit is that motorcycles already have a much smaller impact on the environment and less strain on resources such as parking, allowing them use of an already existant lane would only further reduce their footprint by less traffic idling time and reduced fuel usage which translates to reduced emissions and let's not forget less injuries mean less cost to the community!

We the undersigned call on the NSW Government to allow motorcycles to use the Bus ONLY Lanes on the M2 Motorway.

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