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Schools, local education departments, The healthy schools programme and the government.
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I have been told by my 7 yr old school that under no circumstances will my child, or any other child whose school has healthy schools status, be allowed to drink anything but plain water during the school day.

After explaining to the school that my son refuses to drink plain water and that he could become ill if he becomes dehydrated, i told them i would be sending him in with watered down flavoured water, with the least amount of anything added.

The head mistress replied to tell me this is completely unacceptable and said quote; ''I am deeply concerned and extremely disappointed by, the fact that, after careful consideration and thought you have decided it is acceptable to make decisions concerning your child, which contravenes schools policy, without even discussing the matter with me.'' And; ''I would strongly urge you, therefore, to reconsider the decision you have made as i cannot allow any child to drink flavoured water as it contravenes our Healthy Schools Status.'' I'm sorry but when my child's health is concerned i WILL make decisions without asking schools permission.

I have asked for her to offer an alternative to water to make sure kids are getting fluids but its water or nothing apparently due to government guidelines. I am going to try everything in my power to have this ridiculous situation reversed before someone gets ill.

Please sign this petition and get all your friends and family if you believe kids have rights and agree with the above, thanks.

We, the undersigned, call on the British government to amend or the guidelines handed out to the healthy schools programme, local education authorities, and all schools who sign up for healthy schools status, to allow an alternative to just plain water for kids throughout the school day.

It is imperative that kids take in plenty of fluids and we believe, whilst recognising plain water is the best, that kids should be given alternatives to ensure this happens.

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