#Neighborhood Living
Hargreaves Ltd, Brighton and Hove County Council
United Kingdom

The Mound is a food growing project in the heart of Brighton's North Laine which has attracted a lot of positive attention over the past few months because it has transformed a space derelict for 15 years into a flourishing community garden.

But not all the attention has been positive: despite the fact that the owners of the land do not have the planning permission they need to develop it they are nonetheless forcing the local community gardeners to leave so that it can return to it's previous state of dereliction.

The gardeners want to stay until the owners are ready to start actively developing the site, so we can continue growing food and use the garden as a space where the community can meet and learn about local, sustainable food production and it's increasing importance in a world with it's resources fast running out.

We, the undersigned, petition The Hargreaves Group of Companies and Summerbrook Limited to permit the North Laine community to use the land on the corner of Church Street and Portland Street as a community garden and food growing project until building development on the site begins.

We petition The Brighton & Hove City Council to actively support us in gaining this permission.

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