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scott high school

We the students at Scott High School feel that we should be able to use our phones during breaks and lunch to contact our parents...

at our school we have two payphones but only one works and the chance of u getting to use it is very unlikely

To: Scott County School Board

We, the undersigned, feel that a complete ban on cell phones in the Scott County School District, while well intended, does not meet the needs of the district, students, or parents.

We support the faculty and students’ right to a classroom free of distraction and the potential for cheating from cell phone use. We have observed that the needs of the student body include, but are not limited to: having a quickly accessible means of communication in emergency and hazardous situations, being able to contact parents and friends to arrange transportation and school logistics, and, quite frankly, having one has proven to be a reassurance in many normal situations for both parents and students.

We find the current district policy to be ineffective, as it is widely ignored and virtually unenforceable. The policy we propose below addresses not only the aforementioned needs of the students and parents, but the district as well. It also provides for a safe learning environment.

• Cell phones will be permitted on any district campus at all times.
• Cell phones must be turned off or silenced in all classrooms at all times.
• Cell phones may not be dialed or answered in a classroom (including text messages, games, and other uses). Consequences for each violation could include points off marking period grade, detention, confiscation of the cell phone, ineligibility for after school activities, etc at the discretion of the school board.
• During passing periods, and before and after school, students shall have free use of cell phones in the hallways, as well as in the commons and outside on school grounds at all times. Students shall respect the rights and needs of other students, and observe common courtesy.

As the district currently supports the use of new and emerging technology in classrooms to enhance the learning experience, a quality we have come to appreciate, we feel that there is no need to ignore the obvious benefits of a cell phone in the life of a student.


The Undersigned

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