#Cheerleading Competitions
Bayonne New Jersey Board of Education
United States of America

In 1996 a grammar school girl was performing a basket toss (cheerleading stunt) in a Bayonne school gym during school hours. The girl fell and broke her collar bone. The school was later sued by the girl's parents and the Board of Education then banned stunting above the waist for all schools in Bayonne.

The Business Administrator at the time was Cliff Doll who recently retired. We are asking the new Business Administrator, Leo Smith for his support in theis matter.

There is always a chance of getting hurt playing a sport, could you imagine playing football without tackles? Its kind of like being a cheerleader and not being able to stunt! We always start off as the underdog when we enter a competition outside of Bayonne, everyone else can stunt and we can't.

We, the undersigned, call to the Bayonne Board of Ed and Leo Smith to lift the stunting restrictions from all Bayonne Cheerleaders.

Please allow our girls to compete within a level playing ground and to the best of their ability.

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