#The right of self-defense.
Australian House of Representatives.

For many years now the Australian people have been denied the right to carry weapons to use for their personal protection, and there has been countless situations over the years that may have been prevented if the victim had a weapon to defend themselves with.

I take the recent Sydney siege as an example. Would it have gone on for so long, if the hostages had of been carrying a weapon also? Would the two people who lost their lives still be with us? I take the case of Jill Meagher as another example, she may very well be still alive if she had an item to defend herself with.

A lot of people counter this argument with "people should go and learn martial arts so that they can defend themselves", while this is true, what about a person with a physical disability or the elderly? Learning martial arts would be almost impossible for them, how are they supposed to defend themselves?

Remember, criminals will always have weapons, why should the law abiding citizens be defenceless?

We, the undersigned, call on the House of Representatives to make changes to the law to allow the citizens of Australia to carry weapons for the purpose of self-defence.

We ask that we are given the right to carry certain weapons for our personal protection, items such as mace, collapsible batons, tazers etc should not be illegal to carry.

We also ask that changes are made to the firearms laws to allow self-defence as a legitimate reason for acquiring a firearms license.

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