#Animal Rights
Airline Corporations

When a parent travels with a new born baby they do not need to buy an additional seat. If the seat next to the parent is empty they can get it assigned to there baby and place the car seat in the actual airline seat and place their baby in the car seat. If the seat next to them is full then they have to check the car seat as luggage and keep the baby on their laps. Studies show that about 45% of all military families are opting to not have children.

I created this petition because I am a Military Wife that has a problem traveling due to the fact that my dog cannot travel in comfort like we do. For my dog to go home with me I have to pay a $75 travel fee and his travel Kennel must fit properly underneath my seat. If his travel Kennel does not fit underneath the seat we must check him and his travel Kennel like a piece of luggage.

Customers with miniature dogs can travel with their pets as a carry-on luggage. Let us allow all of our domestic animals to travel with us.

We, the customer of the airlines, would like to petition the airline to allow us one flight per week on direct flights to buy an additional seat allowing our domestic animals to travel comfortably (in their kennels) next to us.

The flight can be advertised as “pet friendly” so no one is surprised that so many animals are on board. If it deems to be a profitable venture for the corporation, the airline can research the possibly of extending “pet friendly” flights from one flight a week to multiple.

It is understood that discrimination is against the law. Please do not discriminate against the size of an animal. Allow those of us who don’t travel (due to the cost of boarding and the unknown treatment they might receive), to start traveling with our animals.

We request the airline corporations to consider allowing us to travel with our animals next to us. Allow us to buy an additional seat so that our animals can fly with us and we can be more able to travel as we please.

Please keep in mind that as a consumer we will be more willing to travel if we don’t have to worry about our pets. That we will fly more, if we do not have to pay the boarding fees and worry about the treatment that boarding representatives might give our animals.

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