#Local Government
City Commission of Fargo, ND
United States of America

The city of Fargo, ND is growing and the culture is changing and current zoning regulations do not allow for further development of adult themed stores to be brought into the downtown area in the zone called Downtown Mixed Use (http://tinyurl.com/fargozoning
[PDF 5.18MB]) regardless of community support.

While the city had the best intentions in 1998 when they sought to revitalize the ailing downtown district and we respect the time, man power, and money that has been used to do so the area has stabilized and the changes that have been strived for have happened. The downtown area is now to a point, however, that many buildings are again for rent and we do not believe that this type of business would detract from the general streetscape while it would still provide a well needed service to patrons.

The culture of the area has significantly changed and the general population of the downtown area is now made up of students more than any other demographic due to the expansion of the North Dakota State University campuses and the proximity of the Concordia and Minnesota State University – Moorhead campuses. These students are looking for something safe and available to them that will accept them for who they are and stress the need to have sex be something fun, yet still be safe, as well as provide an outlet to provide education regarding sexual health and wellness. The city has also become the site of the FM Pride parade and a great number of celebrations each summer which again goes to show the change in culture that the city has undergone over the last number of years.

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to amend the Fargo Municipal Code §20-0401 to permit-by-right subject to conditions (as showing in §20-0402 subsection A) for adult entertainment centers including adult bookstores, adult cinemas, or adult entertainment facilities in the Downtown Mixed Use zone as set forth by §20-0212.

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