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Mayor Steven Fulop of Jersey City, NJ / info@stevenfulop.com / Tweet @stevenfulop / #201-547-5200
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Paulus Hook is in need of a public dog park.

Currently, there is no fenced-in area for our furry friends to run freely off-leash and get the proper physical and mental exercise they need. Dog parks are particularly beneficial to urban communities because:

- exercised dogs are less likely to exhibit destructive behavior
- socialized dogs make better next door neighbors
- dogs who socialize at the park are less likely to create a nuisance or bark excessively and they learn good behaviors during these interactions

At the intersection of Washington Street and Grand Street in Paulus Hook.

- There are 4 public parks on each corner of the intersection, however 3 of the 4 parks are locked by the Historical Paulus Hook Association (HPHA) for private use
- The remaining SW park is used by the elementary school

There is a history of opposition and internal red-tape at the HPHA, with no intentions of giving up a fraction of the park layout for a dog park. Simply said, the HPHA leadership, who is openly "anti-dog" is counteracting their own mission by barring the parks from public use and enjoyment.

This is a progressive, evolving neighborhood with a growing number of dog owners who live in high-rises and seek an outdoor space for their dog(s) to play. A dog park is a great opportunity for dog owners to learn about dog policies, register their pets, and socialize them in a safe, gated environment. We ask that Mayor Steven Fulop please unlock the locked parks on the corner of Washington and Grand Streets in Paulus Hook to allow for a dog park and general public use.

We, the undersigned, request a public dog park in Paulus Hook, Jersey City, located at corner of Washington and Grand Streets.

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