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Province of British Columbia

This petition is to have Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia re-open or pass a similar bill to BILL M 203 -- 2000 PETS IN RENTAL HOUSING ACT, 2000 (http://qp.gov.bc.ca/36th4th/1st_read/mem203-1.htm), amending the Residential Tenancy Act.

In 2002, a poll conducted for the BC SPCA by McIntyre and Mustel Research, indicates that a majority (79%) of BC residents are in favour of legislation that allows pet guardians the right to keep companion animals (i.e. cat or dog) in their rental units, provided they do not cause unreasonable noise or damage.

Once again the people ask the province listen to their VOICE in this regard and enforce their WILL. The people have a VOICE and both the people and the animals deserve a LIFE with dignity. Let the people's voice be heard!

We, the undersigned, request that the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia enact legislature similar to BILL M 203 -- 2000, PETS IN RENTAL HOUSING ACT, 2000 (http://www.leg.bc.ca/2000/1st_read/mem203-1.htm) ensuring renters have the opportunity to keep pets in their homes with reasonable limits.

We urge the Province of BC to respond to the public's support of this action (http://www.spca.bc.ca/rental/prh_PollResults.asp) and to amend the Residential Tenancy Act giving renters the right to keep a pet in their residence.

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