House of Commons
United Kingdom

The petition of Katharine Tregunna declares that we the undersigned request the House of Commons to consider the wishes, as set out below, of the petitioners: -

• Affordable housing to be truly affordable, taking into account what the Government considers to be a livable wage for one person, based on the minimum wage as set by Parliament;

• In view of the current housing crisis in the country of Cornwall, the proportion of affordable housing in new developments to be increased to 50%;

• Properties that have remained empty for more than one year to be let at nominal rents, allowing people to save towards purchasing their own property;

• Building permission no longer to be given for holiday home developments only;

• In view of the low incomes paid in many service industries, as well as to key workers, a scheme similar to that of the London Weighting wage increment to be introduced in Cornwall.

• To urge government to address the second homes issue in Cornwall by changing planning legislation to stop further full time homes being turned into second homes.

We, the undersigned, therefore request that the House of Commons give due consideration to the above proposals to alleviate the housing crisis in Cornwall.

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