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The Point Thomson Project has reached a major developmental target by safely completing two natural gas production wells. Final testing confirmed that the unique nature of these high pressured, highly productive wells will be essential to the successful development of an Alaskan gas pipeline.

While the Alaska gas pipeline itself may be still on the horizon, the facilities to produce the gas need to be developed now in preparation. There are years of work that will support hundreds of Alaskan families in construction of roads, airstrip, production pads, gas gathering, treatment facilities, site infrastructure and the drilling of additional production wells. The developers continue to move forward on the project with the construction of a 2010-2011 ice road, to remove drilling-phase material and components, in order to create the foundation for the future production site.

While the Project is advancing, the developer is working to settle with the State on the terms of a lease agreement for the Point Thomson Unit reserves. The developer is currently conducting an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and is awaiting approval from government agencies. The years of work to continue construction on this pad cannot begin until the lease agreement has been settled and the EIS has been approved.

Because of the short season in which construction can be responsibly carried out on the North Slope, a rigid timeline has been established. This makes the lease settlement and approval of the environmental impact study important to the project. Delays will cost many Alaskans good jobs in an already uncertain oil and gas industry.

As individuals we have seen the developer’s determined commitment to the safety of the workers and protecting the environment. We have witnessed their resolute intent and financial commitment towards the development of the Point Thomson project. Many of us feel we are finally seeing tangible progress for the future Alaska Gas Pipeline construction.

We need our legislature's continued support to expedite the settlement of the lease agreement for the Point Thomson Unit as well as governmental agencies approval of the Point Thomson Project Environmental Impact Study.

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