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My name is Jacob Butcher, I am 25 years old, have lived in the Mat-Su Borough for 16 years, and am a father of three children. My Children are 6 year old, (currently attends and plays soccer at Goose Bay Elementary), 2 year old, and my daughter, 6 month old. The safety of my children is obviously my number one priority in life. I go to great lengths to ensure they are fully protected from any and all avoidable dangers in their and my life.

I am writing to you as a concerned resident of the Mat-Su Borough. I was recently researching the registered sex offenders that live in my area in an attempt to be fully aware for my childrens' safety; in the process of doing so, I found that among the many in my area, one in particular, a Mr. Kenneth Lynn Griffeth, has taken up residency off of Valley View Dr which is a road off of Vine Rd. The subject that lives here has been convicted of sexual abuse of a minor in the 2nd degree. I take issue with his residency as the backyard of his property backs up the playground of Knik and Goose Bay Elementary Schools. I contacted the sex offender registry office in Anchorage and was advised that unless somebody is on conditions or probation, that sex offenders are free to take up residency wherever they like.

This brings a sickening feeling to my gut knowing that a person who is capable of such a heinous act would have free access to grounds filled with our children which we presume to be safe at school. I am now aware that there are no rules or residency restrictions in place for convicted sex offenders as to restrict their access to places such as elementary schools, middle schools, or parks and playgrounds; I am writing you in a request that this issue may be addressed by our state legislature in hopes of having tighter restrictions placed on people convicted of such crimes.

Currently there are 21 states in the United States which have adopted sex offender residency laws and restrictions. Examples as follows:

Tennessee - Statutory Citation 40-39-[2]11(a)-(b)
"A sex offender cannot live within 1,000 feet of schools, childcare facilities, or the victim."

Oklahoma - Statutory Citation OSA tit. 57 SS590
" A registered sex offender cannot live within 2,000 feet of a school."

Ohio - Statutory Citation 2950.031(A)
"A sex offender may not live within 1,000 feet of any school, childcare facility or place where children gather"

These are only a few examples of the ordinances and laws enforced in other states. More follow the same suit including Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, MIssouri, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and West Virginia.

It is my hope that this issue may be addressed before the unthinkable happens to an innocent child in our community. These types of issues normally don't get much thought or attention until an incident has already occurred, but I ask that you give some serious thought and eventually take up action in hopes of preventing a future crime against one of our children.

Please contact me if there is any assistance I can provide in helping this legislation get traction.

Thank you for your time on the matter.

We request that the State of Alaska Legislature draft a bill which would prevent convicted sex offenders from taking up residency which would be in close proximity to or provide easy access to grounds which are well known to be frequented by juveniles in an effort to prevent the victimization of children in this state.

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